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Are Video Management Systems (VMS) Cyber Secure?

Explore the critical intersection of cybersecurity and Video Management Systems (VMS). We examine the vulnerabilities of security cameras as potential entry points for cyberattacks, the methods hackers employ to exploit these weaknesses, and the significant risks posed to corporate networks. Also learn practical strategies for reinforcing overall VMS cybersecurity.

Should You Apply for the CISA and FEMA State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP)?

In light of the FCC’s new rules against certain foreign telecommunications equipment and the SLCGP’s massive funding, entities must consider the urgency and benefits of applying for this cybersecurity grant. If you’ve missed the October 6 deadline, it’s crucial to explore interim security measures, ensuring your organization stays protected against evolving cyber threats.

Microsoft Office 365: Ransomware Risks Galore?

As more businesses migrate to cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Office 365, understanding the potential risks associated with these platforms is crucial. This piece delves into the various ransomware-related vulnerabilities when utilizing Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365 Exchange, and other related services.